Nathaniel J. Seay

Described as distinctly academic and quietly passionate, Nathaniel Seay approaches architecture as art.  His fascination with the details and nuances impacting the quality of residential design allows him to effortlessly tend to the subtleties that truly define a luxury home.

Nathaniel’s upbringing heavily centered on an abundance of art, architecture, and culture.  His architect father taught him drafting and rendering at an early age, engendering a love of artistic expression.  His mother, who is French Moroccan, taught him French and imbued him with European sensibilities.  Most of his time was spent in Atlanta, but his frequent travels to France, Italy, Morocco, and South America deepened his appreciation for beautiful surroundings and exquisite design.  Nathaniel graduated from SCAD Savannah with a Master’s Degree in Architecture and is the recipient of multiple art awards.

As a residential designer and consultant, Nathaniel brings his clients 15+ years of hands-on experience in all things design related.  His enthusiasm for his craft has led him to pursue various facets of art, architecture, design and construction ranging from an in-depth working knowledge of fine carpentry to graceful landscaping.  Regarding his aesthetic, Nathaniel pointedly notes that balance, scale, proportion and symmetry are the underlying principles.  His designs tend toward European standards with an emphasis on simplicity, strength, and refinement.

Nathaniel has worked with the Southeast’s most distinguished builders, designers, and homeowners to create sophisticated high-end residences.  In addition to his passion for architecture, clients often attest to his rare level of integrity and attention to deadlines and budget.  His work can be seen in Atlanta and throughout Georgia, as well as Florida and the Carolinas.